Medieval Tent & Marquee Hire

Historically accurate tents for Medieval themed events, TV sets and film

Ancient Armouries provide period tents in a wide range of sizes and colours and can supply for hire from our extensive stocks. We offer Marquee Tents, Pavilion tents, Burgundian Tents, Ridge Tents, Wedge Tents Square Tents  and Bell Tents in various wear conditions,  from pristine to battle worn.  Please contact us with the requirements of your event.

Whether you are organising an event or dressing a tv or film set, our experienced team are ready to help. We’ll do whatever possible to deliver an authentic Medieval, Period, Campaign or Military atmosphere wherever you need it with our historically accurate pavilion, double pavilion, burgundian tents and marquees.

We can provide Encampments from military to medieval settlements and of various colour schemes,

Medieval Tents

We Have Pavilion, Double Pavilion, Burgundian, Ridge, Wedge, Square, Marquee & Bell Tents in our Inventory

For details of our full inventory please get in touch with your requirements and we can discuss availability.

While Medieval tents are stunning and create an authentic, historic atmosphere in outdoor settings, the tent interiors can be equally as impressive. Here is a large white, double pavilion tent (one of many tents we supplied), with a beautifully dressed interior in use for the filming of “The Tudors” BBC TV series.