Specialists in Medieval Rental for Film & TV

Medieval Tent & Marquee Hire

Ancient Armouries can provide and erect a wide range of medieval, period accurate tents and marquees including; pavilion tents, double pavilions, burgundian tents, ridge tents or campaign tents, wedge tents, square tents, and bell tents in a range of sizes, colours and conditions of wear from pristine to battle worn; whatever your film, TV show or event requires, Visit our Medieval Tent & Marquee Hire page for more information.

We also have a selection of Large Marquees which cover various periods and look great used with Ridge Tents and Wedge Tents for an encampment setting available for hire, visit the large marquee page for more details, or Contact Us to make an enquiry.  We’re always happy to help and advise you.

Medieval Tents & Props for Themed Events, TV & Film

Ancient Armouries are one of the leading suppliers to the Film and Television industry, through a family run business with over 50 years experience.

We hold a large stocks of all types of armour from various periods, including full suits for display to a wearing suit, or if you require some armour pieces, such as breast and back plates, shoulders, gauntlets, helmets, legs.  Whatever your need, if you can’t find what your looking for, give us a call, we can always make it for you.

We also have various weapons for different periods, swords, which can be from our large stock of broadswords, to rapiers and sabre  which where among the types of swords used in medieval period to swords for viking age the cawood sword or axes, together with daggers, sheilds and guns which all of these can be supplied in rubber or aluminium, whatever your period, give us a call for more information.

Our chainmail we have from arms, legs, collars, coif and tunics, which we have in aluminium or our bespoke lightweight knitted chainmail, which is used in many Theatres

We also have a wonderful collection of banners from silk banners, to embroidered.

We are very proud of our large stock of Medieval and Period tents and we are confident we can supply you with all your requirements for a colourful and wonderful event,  these include, Pavilion Tents which start from our small to our standard, large or double and grand of various colours and conditions, even battle worn.  Together with our Bell Tents, Ridge Tents, Wedge Tents, Square Tents and Marquees.   Whatever your tent requirement, give us a call for more information.

We have been fortunate to have worked on many Films and TV Series over the years as mentioned below:

King Arthur – Gladiator – Braveheart – Robo Cop I and II – Robin Hood (Prince of Thieves) – Willow – Jack the Giant Killer – Clash of the Titans – “Robin Hood” – “1066” – Game of Thrones – Dr Who (BBC) – Merlin – Camelot.

More recently : The White Princess –  The Outlaw King – Mummy – Transformers – Hell Boy – The Spanish Princess – Saturday Night Takeaway – The Kid Who Would be King – Wolf Hall – Top Gear – Good Omens – Hollow Crown